Your Hospitals & Doctors, Our Partners In The Health Data Exchange

Beginning in mid-2013, Williamson County EMS began participating in the exchange of clinical data with a local hospital group, using technologies developed on the doorstep of Williamson County.  Known as the Health Data Exchange, or HDE, this initiative is redefining the way EMS and hospitals collaborate in patient care.  Because of the HDE, a Williamson County paramedic’s working diagnosis (used to treat patients before arrival at the hospital) can now be compared to a hospital physician’s admitting and discharge diagnosis. 

These close relationships allow Williamson County EMS clinical staff to easily measure the efficacy of pre-hospital treatments and engage in a dynamic cycle of perpetually improving patient care.  We have excellent relationships with all area hospitals.   Their specialty physicians participate in continuing education for Williamson County EMS adding to your quality of care.

Perhaps more important is that patients with chronic conditions may now be easily identified and offered specialized care, mentoring, and education regarding their conditions.  This Community Health Paramedicine approach has demonstrated real benefits.  Many patients participating in the program do not activate 911 Emergency Services as frequently or depend on an Emergency Room as the setting for their primary healthcare.  The end result has an immediate and far-reaching impact on the quality of a patient’s life, but it also results in decreased costs and resource demands on the emergency resources in Williamson County.

Williamson County EMS is able to use data to drive meaningful decisions.  At Williamson County EMS, we strive to remain a positive presence in the lives of those with whom we share a community.

Jeff Isbell
WCEMS Logistics Commander