The Williamson County Sheriff's Office has two deputies specifically assigned to livestock issues around the county.

Deputy Joe Worsham
Deputy Johnathan Kidwell


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the loose livestock in the County. These deputies respond to loose livestock complaints. They work to get the animal off the roadway and secured behind fences. Once that is done they investigate where the animal came from so they can return the animal to the proper owner and if need be issue citations. Once in a while they find loose livestock that nobody will claim. In these cases they house them and prepare them for auction. They are trained in animal cruelty investigation involving both domesticated and livestock animals. Cattle theft is still a modern day problem in Texas. These deputies investigate and prepare for prosecution cases related to cattle theft.

Notice of Estray

The Sheriff's Office has impounded One Belted Galloway Steer, on CR 245 in Florence.
Date of Sale 4/5/2017.

Animal Control

The animal control officers are civilian employed officers who are responsible for capturing loose domesticated animals. They work closely with the Williamson County Animal Shelter to house and care for these animals until they can be returned to their families or adopted to a new family. They assist deputies in working animal cruelty cases involving domestic animals to include hoarding. They follow up on animal bite cases. These officers help citizens capture feral cats and dogs by supplying them with traps. Once captured the citizen can take the animal to the animal shelter. Due to the severity of rabies they will also respond to reports of a bat, skunk, possum or raccoon acting strange.