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Williamson County November 5, 2019 Bond Election
In the November 5, 2019, General Election, Williamson County voters will have the opportunity to vote on two propositions regarding issuing road bonds and park bonds. Bond elections allow voters to decide whether or not to use long-term financing through the sale of bonds for major capital improvement projects such as new construction and expansion of roads, parks and trails. The Road and Bridge tax rate only covers maintenance and operation for existing roadways. 

What is included? 
Proposition A is to authorize the county to issue and sell bonds not to exceed $412 million for road construction and safety improvements. Proposition B will authorize the county to issue and sell bonds not to exceed $35 million for parks, trails and recreation. 

The estimated costs, proposed locations, proposed projects, and proposed descriptions represent possible uses of such bond proceeds. The actual projects constructed and/or developed with bond proceeds are subject to change based on future economic, market, and other conditions.

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How will this impact my tax rate?
Williamson County estimates that passage of the two bond propositions will not result in an increase in the county’s debt service tax rate.

How were projects selected? 
On March 5, the Williamson County Commissioners formed a Citizens Bond Committee to discuss future needs for county roads and parks. The purpose of a Williamson County Citizens Bond Committee was to review and analyze the infrastructure needs of Williamson County to determine if the county should consider a bond election and to propose projects for potential funding with the bonds. The Committee met six times from March through June at locations across the county. On June 6, the Committee unanimously voted to recommended holding a bond election and compiled a list of road projects totaling $573,335,300 and parks and trails projects totaling $67,594,960 for the Commissioners Court to consider. To view information about the Citizens Bond Committee and their meetings, click here.

The Commissioners Court, after study and deliberations, reduced the proposed road bond amount not to exceed $412 million and the proposed park bond amount not to exceed $35 million. The Commissioners Court considers public input, safety, mobility, matching funds provided by Williamson County cities, and how the proposed projects fit into the County’s roadway and parks long-range plans when selecting projects. 

Williamson County has had successful voter approved bond elections in 2000, 2006 and 2013. In those elections, county voters passed bond packages for roads that completed 165 projects adding 301 new capacity lane miles and a total of nearly 551 lane miles constructed. The park bonds secured 3,559.5 acres of parks and preserves, 37 miles of trails, and expanded facilities at the Expo Center and at county parks.