Brushy Creek and Fern Bluff Safety Improvements
Intersection Safety Analysis

Each intersection highlighted, is currently being studied for the appropriate traffic control methodology and safety.  As part of the study, the volume and movements of each traffic lane will be recorded and analyzed to determine if a signal is warranted at each intersection, or on the whole, as a system of intersections. 

It has been determined that increased striping would be beneficial at the intersection of O’Connor Drive and Great Oaks Drive. Crosswalks have been added to three corners of the intersection as well as “Stop Ahead” striping to the roadway. In addition, “Stop Ahead” signs have been installed.

Crosswalk at Tonkinese

Williamson County is in the design phase for adding overhead pedestrian signs and flashing lights, roadway striping, and advance warning signs at Tonkinese Drive and O'Connor Drive. The proposed crosswalk will replace the crosswalks at Luckenwald Drive and at the trail. 

HEB Hooded Left

Williamson County will be constructing a hooded left turn bay on O'Connor, just north of the intersection at FM 620. The new turn bay will include the following:

  • Construction of a raised median
  • New signage and lane striping
  • No left turns from the driveways will be allowed
  • Left turns from O'Connor into driveways will still be allowed

Plans will soon be finalized with construction immediately to follow.



Draft Overhead Pedestrian Assembly:

Draft Signal Elevation




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