Now Hiring Full-Time EMT-B's @ $58,500! EMT-A Add $300/mo! Full-Time EMT-P's @ $71,200!

We now hire full-time EMT-B's as well as EMt-P's. We prefer EMT-B's have one year of certification an at least one year of experience in a medical setting. Starting annual pay is approximately $58,500. EMT-P's start at $71,200.

Williamson County  EMS has been the primary 911 EMS provider for Williamson County since 1975, serving a rapidly grow8ing population of over 500,000. Our department responds to an average of 30,000 calls annually.

With 18 station based ambulances serving a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas, and an experienced Community Health Paramedic Program, our medics have the opportunity to practice EMS in a variety of environments.

At Williamson County EMS, we strive to integrate our motto, "To Respect, Care, and Serve" into everything we do.

Mot Williamson County EMS paramedics work 24 hours on, 48 hours off, on a rotating A, B, and C, shift schedule. We do have some demand units with 12hr rotations along with some positions that allow for work/school arrangements.


Hiring Process Overviews

Our EMT-B hiring process is hybrid virtual/in-person.  Our EMT-P hiring process is completely online so you can apply from anywhere in the world saving you time and money!

First Phase: 
Fill out an application and pass an EMS personality profile (EMT-B, P).
Second Phase: 
National standards based written test (EMT-B, P).  12-lead interpretation (EMT-P).  
Scenarios: Rapid fire (EMT-B, P). Dynamic & static (EMT-P).  
Interview (EMT-B, P).
Third Phase:
Pass drug test and background check (EMT-B, P).

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Note: Hiring processes are held on a periodic basis as the needs of the system dictate.  Applicants are not expected to know Williamson County EMS protocols for testing purposes, national standards are acceptable.  Applicants must be successful with each phase, in order.

Protocols and Equipment


Dr. Taylor Ratcliff is the WCEMS Medical Director.  He attended medical school at Texas Tech University Health Science Center and completed his residency in emergency medicine through the Texas A&M emergency medicine residency program in Temple. He is board certified in emergency medicine and emergency medical services by the American Board of Emergency Medicine Services. He began his career in medicine as a paramedic in Lubbock.

Williamson County Paramedics enjoy a high level of clinical autonomy, and in return a high degree of competency is expected.

Our fleet and equipment utilizes industry leading technology to allow us to better care for our patients.  Custom built Wheeled Coach patient compartments mounted on Ford F-450 chassis, with air-ride suspension and hydraulic main O2 cylinder.  All electric stretchers and loading systems.  Lifepak 15 Monitors equipped with 12-Lead, NiBP, CO2 and capnography, pulse ox, and Laerdal qCPR.  King Vision for endotracheal intubation.  Ferno and Stryker model stair chairs. Lucas CPR devices and recently acquired Newport ventilators.

Benefits and Salary

-  Starting salary is approximately $58,500 annually EMT-B or $71,200 annually EMT-P based on a 56 hour work week, excluding extra shifts and mandatory education
-  Potential for annual merit and cost of living raises
-  County health insurance plan 
-  Family Care Plan available 
-  Optional Dental, Vision, Supplemental Life Insurance and Long Term Disability 
-  Outstanding Retirement Package
-  Texas County District Retirement System 
-  8 years of employment to be vested 
-  Guaranteed match of 7% per year 
-  Principle earned multiplied by 250% at retirement. (a rare benefit)
-  Eligibility is met when age + years of service = 75 or age 60 with 8 years of service

Living and Working in Williamson County

Round Rock Tower

Williamson County is included in the greater Austin metropolitan area, consisting of over 2 million people across five Central Texas Counties.  Williamson County is home to some of the best towns to live in in the nation. Our county consistently ranks as one of the fastest growing in America.  This ensures excellent job opportunities for your accompanying family members.  With this growth have come many new roads, parks, and schools. 

Williamson County offers a vast array of entertainment options including the Round Rock Express AAA baseball team, concerts and events at the Cedar Park Center, miles of hike and bike trails throughout the cities’ and county’s various parks, camping, boating, and water activities at Lake Georgetown, and shopping and dining at the Round Rock Premium Outlets and Round Rock’s La Frontera shopping district. Plus, all the attractions of Austin are just minutes away! 

Williamson County, Texas is a fantastic place to call home!
Speak With A Recruiter

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For more information contact a recruiter at: [email protected]

Job Application

June 2023 Academy:

2/6 to 4/6/23
EMT-B Applications open

3/6 to 4/6/23
EMT-P Applications open

5/8 to 5/10/23

Academy starts

Spring 2023 graduates encouraged to apply!

Oct. 2023 Academy:

7/3 to 8/4/23
EMT-B/A Applications open

7/3 to 8/4/23
EMT-P Applications open

9/5 to 9/7/23

Academy starts

Summer 2023 graduates encouraged to apply!


Please visit this page to apply: 


If there is a hiring process date advertised here and you do not find the online application, check back soon.  It's on the way.