Wilco Forward Small Business Grant Program Phase 2

March 16, 2021 (Williamson County, TX) –Williamson County is launching Phase 2 of its Wilco Forward Small Business Grant Program for businesses financially impacted due the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting Wednesday, March 17, small businesses such as food services, bars and hotels/motels can begin to apply for a small business grant to help keep them afloat during these trying times.

This is the second round of Wilco Forward small business grants funded by CARES Act funds. The Williamson County Commissioners Court approved allocating $10 million to fund the program during the Commissioners Court meeting held on Tuesday, March 10. Each eligible business will receive up to $500 per employee with a maximum amount of $10,000.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to businesses in Williamson County and across the country.  Through our original round of small business grants, we were able to help thousands of businesses in Williamson County stay afloat during some of the most challenging days of this ordeal,” said Williamson County Treasurer Scott Heselmeyer. “As our businesses finally return to fully-opened nearly a year later, our restaurant, bar, and hospitality businesses have continued to be significantly affected by government-mandated closures. Williamson County’s responsible management of CARES Act dollars over the last year has left us with resources available to help these businesses get back on their feet.”

Under the Wilco Forward Small Business Grant Program Phase 2, the following businesses will be eligible for the financial assistance.

  • Food services, such as restaurants, food trucks and caterers.
  • Bars
  • Hotels, motels, including bed and breakfast

During the Wilco Forward Small Business Grant Program Phase 1, Williamson County assisted more than 3,600 business, for a total of more than $34 million issued in grant checks.

Businesses will have to provide a certification that they have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Other documents will be required for eligibility. Visit our Phase 2 signup page (sign ups have now closed) for more information on the application process and eligibility to qualify for a small business grant.. The application deadline is April 16, 2021.